Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A is for...Artichoke?

The second grade was doing another spelling test this week. They had to write down 3 words that began with a, 3 for b, etc. While I was correcting them, I noticed some very interesting words that the kids had put down. One had written dividi, for DVD. The oddest one that I saw must have been artichoke. Zsofia had spelled it correctly. It really took me by surprise because we have never mentioned artichoke in class.

When I asked Zsofi where she found the word, she said it was in a book she had. I was really impressed by this. Many kids who speak English as their first language would not be able to spell artichoke when they are 8, yet Zsofia could do it. I keep thinking about it, and I am looking forward to see what she can come up with next.


Emily said...

I don't think I even knew what an artichoke was until I was at least 15.

Anonymous said...

that s good

Anonymous said...