Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Las Vegas

I have not been posting in a while.

Because I have been home and doing things around here.

I promise that when I get back to Hungary I will have lots of photos.

Right now I am in Las Vegas. For the week.

I hope your summers are going well so far.

See you soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life with the Danes...

So I have been here since late on Thursday night. Thursday was a very long travel day so I was very happy to arrive. I made it with the two bags, both just at the 20 kilo mark.

Friday, we went to the Hov (pronounced Ho) festival. We walked around a bit and then saw a Danish band, Roger & Over. They were really good, just a little country sounding. I do have to say, the Danes enjoy their alcohol. Maybe even more than the Hungarians. Only sad thing is that the cost of beer here is so much more, about 4 times as much. It was interesting to watch them.

Saturday we walked around town a bit, nothing too exciting. I bought a new dress for 100 kr, about 20 CAD or 3500 HUF. Not bad considering it is good quality. Also, down the main strip of stores was an exhibition of signs from around the world. They are quite funny, and I will post a few of them when I get them off of Lyn`s phone.

Today was relaxing time. Nothing too exciting, but that is what the rest of the week is for. I believe that on Thursday or Friday we are going to go to a Medaeval fair type thing. Other than that, we wil go with the flow. We don't leave until 2am on Saturday morning so we have plenty of time.

That is all for now. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Right now I am sitting in Ferihegy. I have 5 hours before I can check in. This is going to be fun.

If all goes well I should be in Denmark with my sister at 11.14 tonight.

I hate airpors. And waiting.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Hungarian family

This year I had the chance to make a new family. Not very conventional, but they were the ones I grew to love over this year!

Briggi, Jamie and Margie. I spent so much time with you guys it was crazy. I am actually surprised that I survived this year and that I did not annoy the guts out of you!

Briggi and Jamie


Ili, my Hungarian mother. My Neni. Always there to help and feed me no matter what. I can hardly express how much she has helped me this year.

The one and only Ili neni! It took me all year to get her to smile.

My babies. All 7 of them. It may seem weird to some that I call my students my babies, but I spent so much time with them this year, I miss them already. Even Mark. They were always there with a hug and were good. For the most part. I can't believe I have another 2 months before I see them again.

My teachers. They have seen me this entire year, and still want me to come back. All I can is wow. They have a high tolerance for pain and suffering.

The other CETP teachers. I may not have seen you that often this year, but I knew that you guys would be there if I ever needed any help.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made this year awesome. I didn't want this year to end. I hope next year brings people who are as much fun as those that were here this year.

I miss you guys!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I went with Ili and Jancsi to visit their old home in Csenger. It is right on the border with Romania but less than an hour from here.

The Greek Catholic Church, very unique and different from what I am used to.

A statue for the Sister cities of Csenger in front of the town hall

Me and Szent Laszlo

My seatmate, Goli

They were pitting thick packing foam on the walls and then plastering over it, I was confused. Ili said it was for heat.

Three days from now I will be in Denmark. Yay for family!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I can't believe I never posted this.

My kids on the last day of school


I trekked all the way to Mateszalka, well rode a bus for 35 minutes, to get some last minute things. I am pretty sure they thought I was crazy when I was checking out.

The only things I had were 12 large chocolate bars, and by large I mean 300g each and a bottle of Unicum Next. Looks like a party, right? Sadly, the stuff is not for me.

Now I just have to figure out how to stuff 9 bottles of alcohol into a bag and keep the weight under 20 kilos.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I promised Briggi I would take notes during my trip with my teachers, so here they are. A direct copy of what I wrote down yesterday.


Trip to Munkacs
5am wake up
6am leave, no money because bank machine is broken again
6.30am stop in baklatoranhaza in an attempt to get money
7am finally have a bank machine work in Kisvarda
7.30am stop at Hungarian border. 30 minutes
8.30am yelled at in Ukranian for living in hungary, just me, lucky me, paper work is only in Ukranian and english though
Warned of what the task of the new teachers last year - running through the streets with empty beer cans tied to their feet. Told that things are spontaneous so I won't know until I have to do it.
8.45am Csaba wants to defend me by hitting the already pissed off Ukranian woman at the border. I tell him I will live.
9am finally cross into the ukraine
9.03 stop just across the border at a random man in the street to exchange money, only changed 5000ft to 190 Ukranian money, hope it is enough
9.30 first half liter of beer today
10.30am bought the most expensive postcards I think I will ever buy, 500 ft each but made on wood imported from Canada
11.21am back on bus, heading to either munkacs or a market in ungvar.
12.30pm on the way to Munkacs after the market and ice cream break, way too hot outside especially at midday
1pm saw a football field the was on a hill. angled and all
1.30pm pick up Janos and go to castle. Very steep and uneven road. walk around for an hour and take random pictures. Bought a mace keychaing and ili bought me a fridge magnet.
Going somewhere now, not sure where but there were asking who wants what and I was just added in. Palko sitting on the floor now. Things will only get crazier from here.
2.40pm back on the bus.
3pm at bar in Munkacs
4pm consumed 1 liter of beer and going to a palace now
4.10pm Ili called me fat
4.30pm Pisti admitted to drinking 6 liters of beer since this morning. He is my hero. Csaba said the prettiest girls come from Canada and wants to know where the handsomest boys are from.
He kept prompting for Hungary
5pm another boros cola later. Yum. Listening to really crappy Hungarian music. At least the Ukrainians were trying, right? Went to the spring to get some water, was told it would make you beautiful and I should wash my legs and arms in it. I have three layers of sunscreen on so I took them up on the offer. Mounted a deer. No, it wasn't real, or was it? Made it all the way down the hillafter finally stopping hiccupping. Made me sound like I was really drunk when I haven't had THAT much.
7.10pm heading to dinner now. Hope I actually get the vodka I intended to buy here, stores close soon. Pisti is now up to 7.5 liters. And is currently wearing Ili's handkerchief.
7.40pm ordering dinner now. Pretty sure I am getting vodka and beer but that is up to Jancsi and not ili. Don't want to have to think about things right now so it is better to be classy
7.55pm eating saslik
8.15pm three shots of vodka and half liter of beer later
sorry five shots
8.50pm I am way too classy to write
12.05am wake up at the Hungarian border with 3 liters of vodka and half liter of chocolate. limited recollection of the last 4
12.20am ili is my friend again. woot.
1.17am get home and go to sleep