Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Day

Today, I went shopping at the market in Nyirbator. It was nice, I got to get a lot of fresh vegetables and spend time out in the fresh air. After shopping in the Spar, Ili and I were waiting in line to pay, when the man in front of us tried to use a 10,000 Ft bill. The cashier looked at it and something was wrong. She spent a long time looking at it and talking to the cashier beside her. There was a policeman standing in line behind me, and so after spending nearly 10 minutes looking at it, she turns and asks him what she should do. He tells her he will call the police to come and see what is up.

We didn't spend that much time there after we had paid, but I thought it was funny that there was a policeman just standing there trying to buy his own groceries.

In the afternoon I got some acceptances for Teachers College at home. My sister and I should be going to the same place, so next year will really be different.

That is it for now.