Monday, August 24, 2009


Ever since I have gotten back home I have been seriously slacking. I haven't really done much other than watch TV and sleep. Considering me first few nights back in Europe I couldn't go to sleep until about 4am, I think it is ok that I slept in.

Anyway, I will try to be better now.

I went to Debrecen to visit Carla for a few days. I was trying to put off packing for a few more days so I did what I could, then picked up and left. Anyway, Debrecen is nice, but we ran out of things to do there quite fast.

I came back Saturday afternoon and lazed around some more. I just haven't felt right being back. Today I had a staff meeting that was to decide how many classes everyone would have. I must say it is going to be an interesting year. I found out that I will have 10 classes with my kids. I will also have first grade to deal with. They will be spilt in two, with 13 classes each. Sanyi also wants me to continue with the older kids in the afternoon. So, according to my math I am up to 40 hours...I am pretty sure this is not possible because a) that is all the hours in a week, everyday, every hour for class and b) There is a rule in Hungary that teachers can only work 23 hours, anything over that is overtime. I highly doubt that they will pay me 17 hours overtime a week. Anyway, I look forward to what will happen.

I am planning on going to Budapest on Wednesday to meet the newbies as well as catch up with the other teachers. I don't have to be back until 4pm on Monday for the school opening, so I honestly don't know what day I will be back.

I haven't really written about being home... I know this. It is hard for me to write about it because it just felt like I went back to life. I was with my family and friends enjoying life. I treasured every moment being home, just to be sitting there with people I had not seen in 11 months. Last year was amazing. But to be home again for the summer, somehow just felt right. The problem is, being here feels just right too.

Anyway, I will hopefully be able to write about things as often as I did last year. Until then...

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