Monday, August 31, 2009

I heart my school.

School Opening. The usual. There was a ceremony. They handed out presents to the new kids. 2a did a little performance. All in all it was good fun for an hour.

1a, the new kids, all 20 of them, headed to the class and had a short speech from Igazgatobacsi.

I headed to the staff room to attempt to work on my schedule, last weeks version no longer worked. Ili was worried about it all, and asked Sanyi that I have fridays off. Yay for me! After two hours or working on it, we did come up with a set plan, but it will change. We have been warned. There is no finalized schedule for school. It just happens. Tomorrow I will go back in to sit through more arranging of the schedule.

I have been guaranteed a free friday. If the schedule doesn't change much, I will have a free Thursday afternoon too!

We will see how my school day tomorrow goes. I love how there is no set schedule and yet school is in session.

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