Saturday, June 30, 2007

food sucks!

So after eating food, I thought that i should check out how many calories different things have
I seriously scared the life out of me, I really dont know how I haven't had a heart attack or something else yet...I have been having like 3000+ calories a day, lots from fast food which I probably shouldn't be eating...and now that big sis is back in the country, I haven't been excercising like I should be so I am scaring the life out of myself

I am seriously thinking about giving up food entirely and then I really don't know what else, why do calories matter in the long run?

Everything should be calorie free and the world would be a much happier place

damn you mcdonalds, pizza pizza, pizza hut, swiss chalet, harveys...pretty much everywhere!
make less calorie filled food and I will love you all again!

other than this really harsh news I am really excited to have finally have my trip booked, I can't believe that it is only 1.5 months from now...and i got an extra 350 off what it most likely would have cost me!...yay travel agencies that actually care...Italy here I come!

As usual work still sucks, not as much as food at this time, but a lot!

at least this long and boring week is nearly over, I am not looking forward to working 14 hrs tomorrow, but Sunday should be a great big PARTAY! see you then!

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