Thursday, July 5, 2007

bored out of my mind

Happy belated Canada Day...
had to work late on sat night so i was really tired but our canada day bash went surprisingly well...
even went to see some fireworks with the theme red and white...i wonder why
had to sit at work almost bored to tears because of a lack of things to do so as usual i ended up playing solitaire on the computer, pretty good game, got all the way through the levels

Started watching Weeds last night, dark comedy tho it is pretty good...makes me miss dead like me though...I really hated when that just ended mid season for no good reason

I hope there will be some good shows starting in the fall because i am getting bored of the old ones

sleepy time soon, though I wont actually sleep for quite a while longer...i want this week to end so I can go to Fallsview but at the same time it means that yet another work week is just beginning...

I NEED to find more entertaining things to do to pass the time because I dont have anything left to do

GOOD NEWS though...Greg is going to get fired....FINALLY!

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