Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ice cream cake

Fallsview was excellent, the day wasnt too nice but we were inside for most of it anyway...
i won 52.75 in the first five mins of playing which I was really excited about

Mags won later on just before we were getting ready to leave...

Henrik is still trying to beat the big brain academy score that i have so he can brag...not sure if he will be able to by friday

going to go see we will rock you tomorrow night which should be entertaining and eating out at city grill for summerlicious...looking forward to yummy filet mignon...

really tired right now cuz it has been a long day trying to find A a job as well as going to work myself...we literally had to rip a bag out of her grip to stop her from buying yet another purse

I dont like clue

my eyes are closing so i will end off here...I dont think there is anything else i should write

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