Monday, July 23, 2007

who needs crack?

so after a very crappy weekend of working both days in a place i am really started to all ended pretty well

so we had decided that bum would watch the little bambina to get her somewhat used to staying with other people, although i wasnt there, i heard it went pretty well

had filet mignon for dinner, yummy tho nothing like a 16 oz steak!

went out to flavours and had WAYYYYYYYY to much sugar but that is no surprise seeing how it all ice creams and dessert foods...

all being on a sugar high we went to see Hairspray in its revamped form!

it was pretty good, some odd humour at many points, and a little creepy action by Zac efron, but all in all probably better than the 1988 version...i think most of the songs we rewritten because of the new content

so after the interesting movie, it was like we were all high, even though there was no pot involved! is so much better when you enjoy it...

of course we went home with 2 guys each ;)

you need a stiff one...!

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