Sunday, December 14, 2008

The need for Smack...

This week has been a very long one. The week after Mikulas visits and brings the children candy, filling their boots to the brim is not the best one for the teachers. Add to this, having to spend an entire Friday with the children, while the rest of the teachers are off having a staff meeting, information that has once again been deemed not important enough to tell the English teacher. Having to create the yearly English schedule over the last week and a half. Top it off with having a dessert lunch. Dessert lunch is usually the best meal of the week, which is why it has been deemed dessert lunch, but when you mix all the ingredients together, nothing good can be made.

Apart from school, planning Christmas break has taken the lead at many times, mainly because it is less than a week away and Mariapocs will be left for a long time, approximately 2 weeks while Europe is being discovered. So when off to the big city you could understand the need to buy certain items.

Like a package of was pretty cheap too!

I did buy some to try so I will let you know how it tastes

Here are some new photos of the kids, Dézi, who started the class around 3 weeks ago and is already almost at the level of the other kids.

Márk and Andor. Márk is supposed to be in my class because he is smart enough, but see if you can figure out why he is in the other class..

Here was lunch on Friday. Donuts, covered with powdered sugar and then, as a dipping sauce, Apricot jam. Who really needs sugar?...