Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everyday randomness

This week meant back to school.

Monday, I was "lucky" enough to go with the upper classes to Nyiregyhaza and see a show. I was told that my lacking a grasp on Hungarian would not be a problem was not a problem, it would be mostly dance.

The description of the show was about a boy trying to find his ideal girl, but having a lot of problems on the way. I am pretty sure that in the end he married a robot. The show was full of crazy dancing, music and people dancing in their underwear. Honestly, I was in shock for most of the performance.

Tuesday, Ili gave me a book that used to be hers. It is from a long time ago. It is also in Russian. My goal for the new future is to learn at least a few of the letters of the Russian alphabet. I would then be able to pronounce some things, even though I would not know what on earth I am saying.

I started teaching one of my girls, Blanka, mother today. She took English in college and has a really good grasp. She just wants to practice and make sure about things in the different tenses.

I also thought about doing a short version of snow white with 2a for Farsang. I need to either find a script that would be appropriate for 7 and 8 year olds with a bit of English, or write my own.

I also am starting to plan my trip to Serbia! Yay, it is 3 weeks away from now, but I am starting to count down the days. I haven't left Hungary in a while, so I am really looking forward to heading off!

The week is half done!


Val said...

Do a lot of Hungarians speak Russian? I was trying to decide what other language (besides Hungarian of course) would help me out when I move there in August!

Tara said...

I would strongly suggest German if you want another language. I live in the far east of Hungary and so it is a little more common for me to find people who speak Russian around here, but it has not been taught in most schools for quite a long time.

Hungarians in every school are required to learn a second language, usually either German or English, though I have met some that learned French. I still would say your best bet would be to learn a little German because you would likely be able to use that for a good portion of the population.

Val said...

Thanks! I speak a lot of french already and was wondering about german. Will you still you teaching there next august?

Tara said...

Sadly, I am going back home next year. I would love to stay here, but I need to go back to teachers college. I do know of a few that are staying/thinking about staying so there will be plenty of very nice people around.