Monday, November 16, 2009

A heartbroken Mark

I knew something was up when Mark came in to the classroom and put a handful of candies onto Fanni's desk. Fanni said nothing, she just put them into her desk. All morning, Mark kept looking over at Fanni, I was just waiting for something to happen.

I came back to the class after they had a concert and Mark was really upset. He wouldn't say what was wrong. I had drawn a dragon in his memory book and hoped that would make him happy, but no.

We went outside for a little bit and Kata and Ili were talking about Mark. They said that he likes Fanni and that she did something to him. Ili had a word for it in Hungarian, but did not know how to translate it.

I felt bad for him. He has become a better student, but I guess there was always going to be the day when his heart was broken. He still has lots of time though, he is only 7.

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