Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Terrible Tuesday...

Today, I finally realized that my neighbours moved out. Yes, it took me three days to notice that I no longer have anyone living right beside me. I was a little concerned with where Palacsinta was, not being within the gates for the last few days. I was walking by their house and noticed that it was empty. I had no idea they were leaving.

I am sad that I now no longer have my pets, Palacsinta or Borszokany, but I do like the fact that I will no longer have to hear chanting at any time during the day.

The other thing that happened today was when I was on my way to school. I went to look at the clock and saw that there was no power. This, was not really surprising, as you may know from my last experience with having no power a few weeks ago. It only got worse as I got to school and found out that there was no power there either. It wasn't expected to be back on until 4:30 either. Boo.

It is really not much fun trying to teach in a dark classroom, or venturing in to the windowless storage room to get things for the kids during PE.

I only hope that they have fulfilled their power outage quota for the next 8 months. I really enjoy using lights and heating especially when it is so dark out!

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