Sunday, March 21, 2010

Horoscope/Spring is here

This weeks horoscope:

Aries - Clumsy by Fergie
Taurus - Pure Love by Arash
Gemini - Popsztar by Barbie
Cancer - Get Up by 50 Cent
Leo - Te Vagy Az by Papa Joe feat. Dukai Regina
Virgo - Automatic by Tokio Hotel
Libra - Gangsta Luv by Snoop Dogg
Scorpio Starstrukk by 3 OH! 3 feat. Katy Perry
Sagittarius - Ba'rhogy Szertene'd by the Anti-Fitness Club
Capricorn - Don't Believe in Love by Dido
Aquarius - Morning Sun by Robbie Williams
Pisces - Rude Boy by Rhianna

Interpret at your will.

This weekend was quite a way to start spring. The weather was amazing, a big change from last week, about an 18 degree difference. It finally felt nice to be outside when the sun was shining and there was no ice and snow.

Ice cream has also returned. The real acknowledgment that Spring is here.

Go outside. Enjoy the sun. Smile.


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