Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly horoscope

Viva has a show that assigns a music video to each sign of the zodiac. I really don't know what it means if anything, but here they are for this week. Enjoy!

Aries - Remember, December by Demi Lovato
Taurus - Happy by Leona Lewis
Gemini - Rude Boy by Rhianna
Cancer - Crawl by Chris Brown
Leo - Gypsy by Shakira
Virgo - I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown ft. Lil' Wayne
Libra - Hiszed vagy sem by Unique
Scorpio - Wear My Kiss by Sugarbabes
Sagittarius - Who I am by Nick Jonas and the Administration
Capricorn - Mi a szívemen a számon by Tóth Gabi vs. AFC Tomi
Aquarius - One Shot - JLS
Pisces - Utolsó Éjszakánk by Josh and Jutta


Lauren said...

I get goddamn Chris Brown and Lil Wayne?! Come on, Viva!!

Anonymous said...

that s good

Anonymous said...