Friday, June 5, 2009

Childrens Day/ Teachers Day

Today, instead of having school, we combined two celebrations. I am really loving these kinds of days, because it gives a chance for everyone to blow off some steam.

At 8am, everyone met at school, arranged the teams and got the instructions for the day. Soon we headed off to Pope's field. Ili and I were in charge of a station. We threw bean seeds into the grass and had the kids pick them up. They only had 30 seconds to get as many as they could. The first group did the best, even though they had the least amount of seeds in the grass. After every station had been finished, they gathered to see who had the most points. We also had some tug or war contests with different grades. Many times we just let go and so the kids fell down and piled up on each other. I can't imagine doing that at home! Soon it was time for lunch and the end of childrens day.

When we all came back to the school, Kata's husband Laci, was setting up a BBQ in the inner yard. We arranged some tables inside and outside, in case it rained. Sanyi cooked so much meat. I know he ordered about 1/2 kilo per person, I just don't know how many people he ordered for! The teachers spent the afternon drink, talking and eating. It was great. Soon Palko asked if I wanted to play table tennis. It was lots of fun, even if the wind was really bad. After nearly an hour and a half, Palko, Kata, Kata's son Nandi, Cseni and I went in to play some volleyball. It was fun also, even though I don't really like the sport. We came back out to more drinking and eating. And stories. It is really amazing what they talk about when it is not during school hours, and there is alcohol involved.

All in all it was a great day. I don't really remember this camaraderie between the teachers at home.

Teachers freezing on June 5th, crazy!

Measuring the seeds

Looking for the seeds

MMMMM, ice cream on a cold day

Ili, the neni.

Potato sack races

Krumpli, cuz I love her

Ili and the BBQ

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