Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My first week here I was warned not to go into the Kocsma's around town. They were for men and I should not go in there because I am a girl.

I kept to this advice for my local kocsma's, until today.

I was doing English with 7 girls, 12-14 years old and I was going to take them for ice cream. The cukraszda was closed. On our way to the store, Petra said it was cheaper in the kocsma across the road, so we went.

I took 7 girls into a bar, but they could only get ice cream.

My first time going into a Mariapocsi kocsma I was with 7 underage girls and I only had ice cream. Hm, that doesn't seem right.

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Anonymous said...

Well, sprinkle booze on top of the ice cream. Very good stuff. Different alcoholic beverages and ice cream are excellent mixed together (not beer and wine; but sherry, brandy, palinka, rum, etc).