Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here is what I learned today:

*Yelling matches do occur. Before 6am. Police show up. When they wake up.

*Big Mac meals for 49 people costs 54880 forint, roughly $305 CAD

*The Budapest Parliament building is the third largest in size. It follows Romania and Argentina.

*Only one of the lions on Lanchid has the tongue out.

*The Metro is hard enough alone. It is insanity when watching 48 other people.

*It is possible for a non-Hungarian to consume 8+ sandwiches in one day, along with soda, cookies and ice cream.

*Budapest feels too much like Toronto.

*When 45 kids from a small town see people of a different race, the kids have no tact.

*Four hours straight on a bus should not be accompanied with singing.

*Vomit at the very back of the bus smells as bad even way in the front of the bus.

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Tara's BIG Fan said...

Yup, that's an interesting day, alright!