Monday, July 6, 2009


I went with Ili and Jancsi to visit their old home in Csenger. It is right on the border with Romania but less than an hour from here.

The Greek Catholic Church, very unique and different from what I am used to.

A statue for the Sister cities of Csenger in front of the town hall

Me and Szent Laszlo

My seatmate, Goli

They were pitting thick packing foam on the walls and then plastering over it, I was confused. Ili said it was for heat.

Three days from now I will be in Denmark. Yay for family!


MH said...

Well, the foam on the walls is used for insulation. It’s not packing foam, but other sintethic matherials, similar in appearance.

In the summer it’s like having a passive air conditioning, preventing the heat from outside to enter inside the house, end in winter it’s the opposite (keeping the home warm and reducing the cost of heating dramatically).

The foam also blocks the noise (so the noises from outside won’t bother you, and your noises won’t bother others). Yup, no more Church bells or traffic noises ruining your sleep! And the neighbors won’t hear your loud parties or rock concert auditions…

In the US & Canada people use similar materials for insulation, but inside the house, not outside. Putting the insulation outside has 2 big advantages: you have more interior space, and the masonry of the house is protected from the elements (especially the humidity and temperature variations, frosting, etc).

P.S. I LOVE your blog! :)

Daniel said...

I live in Csenger, it is a very nice little town. I want to work in the UK after I find a good job :)