Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Hungarian family

This year I had the chance to make a new family. Not very conventional, but they were the ones I grew to love over this year!

Briggi, Jamie and Margie. I spent so much time with you guys it was crazy. I am actually surprised that I survived this year and that I did not annoy the guts out of you!

Briggi and Jamie


Ili, my Hungarian mother. My Neni. Always there to help and feed me no matter what. I can hardly express how much she has helped me this year.

The one and only Ili neni! It took me all year to get her to smile.

My babies. All 7 of them. It may seem weird to some that I call my students my babies, but I spent so much time with them this year, I miss them already. Even Mark. They were always there with a hug and were good. For the most part. I can't believe I have another 2 months before I see them again.

My teachers. They have seen me this entire year, and still want me to come back. All I can is wow. They have a high tolerance for pain and suffering.

The other CETP teachers. I may not have seen you that often this year, but I knew that you guys would be there if I ever needed any help.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made this year awesome. I didn't want this year to end. I hope next year brings people who are as much fun as those that were here this year.

I miss you guys!

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C. Staffa said...

We miss you too Tara! What a nice post!