Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life with the Danes...

So I have been here since late on Thursday night. Thursday was a very long travel day so I was very happy to arrive. I made it with the two bags, both just at the 20 kilo mark.

Friday, we went to the Hov (pronounced Ho) festival. We walked around a bit and then saw a Danish band, Roger & Over. They were really good, just a little country sounding. I do have to say, the Danes enjoy their alcohol. Maybe even more than the Hungarians. Only sad thing is that the cost of beer here is so much more, about 4 times as much. It was interesting to watch them.

Saturday we walked around town a bit, nothing too exciting. I bought a new dress for 100 kr, about 20 CAD or 3500 HUF. Not bad considering it is good quality. Also, down the main strip of stores was an exhibition of signs from around the world. They are quite funny, and I will post a few of them when I get them off of Lyn`s phone.

Today was relaxing time. Nothing too exciting, but that is what the rest of the week is for. I believe that on Thursday or Friday we are going to go to a Medaeval fair type thing. Other than that, we wil go with the flow. We don't leave until 2am on Saturday morning so we have plenty of time.

That is all for now. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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