Thursday, July 2, 2009


I promised Briggi I would take notes during my trip with my teachers, so here they are. A direct copy of what I wrote down yesterday.


Trip to Munkacs
5am wake up
6am leave, no money because bank machine is broken again
6.30am stop in baklatoranhaza in an attempt to get money
7am finally have a bank machine work in Kisvarda
7.30am stop at Hungarian border. 30 minutes
8.30am yelled at in Ukranian for living in hungary, just me, lucky me, paper work is only in Ukranian and english though
Warned of what the task of the new teachers last year - running through the streets with empty beer cans tied to their feet. Told that things are spontaneous so I won't know until I have to do it.
8.45am Csaba wants to defend me by hitting the already pissed off Ukranian woman at the border. I tell him I will live.
9am finally cross into the ukraine
9.03 stop just across the border at a random man in the street to exchange money, only changed 5000ft to 190 Ukranian money, hope it is enough
9.30 first half liter of beer today
10.30am bought the most expensive postcards I think I will ever buy, 500 ft each but made on wood imported from Canada
11.21am back on bus, heading to either munkacs or a market in ungvar.
12.30pm on the way to Munkacs after the market and ice cream break, way too hot outside especially at midday
1pm saw a football field the was on a hill. angled and all
1.30pm pick up Janos and go to castle. Very steep and uneven road. walk around for an hour and take random pictures. Bought a mace keychaing and ili bought me a fridge magnet.
Going somewhere now, not sure where but there were asking who wants what and I was just added in. Palko sitting on the floor now. Things will only get crazier from here.
2.40pm back on the bus.
3pm at bar in Munkacs
4pm consumed 1 liter of beer and going to a palace now
4.10pm Ili called me fat
4.30pm Pisti admitted to drinking 6 liters of beer since this morning. He is my hero. Csaba said the prettiest girls come from Canada and wants to know where the handsomest boys are from.
He kept prompting for Hungary
5pm another boros cola later. Yum. Listening to really crappy Hungarian music. At least the Ukrainians were trying, right? Went to the spring to get some water, was told it would make you beautiful and I should wash my legs and arms in it. I have three layers of sunscreen on so I took them up on the offer. Mounted a deer. No, it wasn't real, or was it? Made it all the way down the hillafter finally stopping hiccupping. Made me sound like I was really drunk when I haven't had THAT much.
7.10pm heading to dinner now. Hope I actually get the vodka I intended to buy here, stores close soon. Pisti is now up to 7.5 liters. And is currently wearing Ili's handkerchief.
7.40pm ordering dinner now. Pretty sure I am getting vodka and beer but that is up to Jancsi and not ili. Don't want to have to think about things right now so it is better to be classy
7.55pm eating saslik
8.15pm three shots of vodka and half liter of beer later
sorry five shots
8.50pm I am way too classy to write
12.05am wake up at the Hungarian border with 3 liters of vodka and half liter of chocolate. limited recollection of the last 4
12.20am ili is my friend again. woot.
1.17am get home and go to sleep

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Brieggy said...

I love you! PLEASE say you have photos of this! REALLY REALLY wish I had been there