Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today was Hallowe'en. It was a good day.
I came home to get ready for the afternoon and found Palacsinta going after this:

I am not sure if she is the new pet next door, it appears that way, but I never know. In the spirit of today I named her Borszoka'ny. Borszi for short. She is the tiniest thing ever and I really hope that Palacsinta doesn't squish her.

The afternoon went well. Chaos, but what do I expect. We had the kids draw on posters, make pumpkins and spiders and sing a Hallowe'en song.
Here is a group of my 2a girls drawing.

My boys

The class showing what they made:

Ili as a ghost:

Me as a witch:

I love hallowe'en. It is my favourite holiday. How can you not like when random people give you candy?

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