Friday, October 16, 2009

To have or not to have power

Today, there was no school. The mayor wanted to have a thank you lunch for those who helped when the painting was being returned to the school. Most of us were there by 10. That is when the alcohol pushing started. I stuck with water, considering it was 10am and not 10pm, but eventually had some palinka just before 11.

The snack was szalonna. It was good, but a bit salty.

We soon headed to the gym where Gabriell had some competitions set up. We were divided into groups. The mayors office, two from the school and another group I am not sure from where. It was fun, though the team from the mayors office continually cheated. Our team came in third, not bad, but that is what you get when your team is wearing heels.

Later, we had lunch, sertes porkolt. It was pretty good. I really liked the side of pickles.

I got home and noticed that my light wasn't turning on. I went to find the light bulbs, but then noticed that everything in my house was off. I flipped all the breakers and then thought that the town was just working on something. If you knew me last year, you would realize that coming home to no power or water was not big shock. The town would randomly turn things off and I wouldn't know because someone would forget to tell me. It was also a work day, and they are still doing construction on the church so I really did not think that it was a big issue.

At about 5:30, I started to think things were a little off, because the work outside was all done. It was also starting to get dark. I called Ili to see if there was construction being done, and noticed that my neighbour, whom I share an entire wall with had power. Pisti, one of the caretakers at the school, showed up at my door to check the breakers. He agreed that they were fine and said he will think about what to do. Later, I am told that they are trying to find the electrician who was working in town today to see what happened.

Just before 7, the power comes back on. One of the town hall women tell me that they had hit a switch this morning, thought nothing of it and just never turned it back on because it didn't affect anything. Except me!

I feel the love. And the cold.


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