Thursday, October 22, 2009


Halloween went so well on Tuesday, that the kids wanted to continue it on Wednesday and Thursday. Many of them brought in costumes and changed for the English classes.

We did some Halloween inspired activities and now, for the most part, both the 1a and 2a classes can list quite a few creatures in English. We had a pirate, a vampire queen a witch girl a black cat and some other common Halloween costumes. We pretended to be them and also made quite a few crafts, including a pumpkin, a spider and a ghost. It went pretty well, at least I think so.

Today, we made mummies. The kids really enjoyed themselves. I think the best part was when Márk told his mother, "I wrapped Bálint in WC paper today." She was relieved when we told her that we made mummies, and said I was afraid he was being bad. There is a long back story with Márk. If you know it, you probably understand her reaction. I must admit though, he has been much better this year. So far.

Here are some of the mummies:

Overall, I think it was a pretty fun week and that we all had a lot of fun.

Break is starting tomorrow. I am happy that I will have time off, but I will really miss the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Hi pictures of kids looked real good, Ryan was old lady, Kyle was a mummy. Katlyn a ladybug, Niiko was a cowboy and would not put his costume on as Kyle scared him. We were at Frankie's as usual because Ryan turned 14. Had a good time Love and miss you Grandma XO