Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Attack of the birthday

I walked into the teachers room today and they all broke out into song. I am pretty sure for the first few seconds I had a look of fear on my face.

I then clued in to what was happening and things made a little more sense.

We ate chestnut cake, cherry and chocolate cake and I was sent home with two ice cream cakes a hand made embroidery and a card signed by all the teachers.

My birthday poem, in the card:

"We're wishing you another year of laughter, joy and fun
Surprises, love and happiness
And when you birthday's done
We hope you feel you deep in your heart
As your birthdays come and go
How very much you mean to us
More than you can know"

That is when I almost cried.

Funny thing is that my birthday is not until tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon making 66 cupcakes. I have 62 left. I only ate 1, 3 went to Andi who wont be at school tomorrow.

Here they are:


JonClark said...

Wow, that's a beautiful story! Happy birthday! Your cupcakes look absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!