Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tongue twisters

Répa, retek, mogyoró. Korán reggel ritkán rikkant a rigó.
(Carrot, radish, hazelnut. Thrushes rarely whistle early in the morning.)

I have been trying to memorize this tongue twister for a few weeks now. Ili first started with it when I was trying to get her to make the "th" sound. I can get through it now, I just after to really think about it, especially rolling my r's.

7a was also trying to teach me another tongue twister.

Mit sütsz, kis szűcs? Sós húst sütsz, kis szűcs?
(What are you frying, little furrier? Are you frying salted meat, little furrier?)

I decided to look up some more Hungarian tongue twisters so here they are.
I will probably be up half the night trying to say them correctly, and probably still be way off.

I like that this is almost made up entirely of t's and e's:
Te tetted e tettetett tettet? Te tettetett tettek tettese, te!
(Did you do this pretended act? You, doer of pretended acts, you!)

This one is just awesome, who doesn't want rhinestone-studded spandex clothes for ostriches?
Stresszes, strasszos strucc-sztreccscucc.
(Stressing, rhinestone-studded spandex clothes for ostriches)

Massage and beating up are the same thing...
Öt török öt görögöt dögönyöz örökös örömök között.
Five Turks are massaging [or beating up] five Greeks amid everlasting delights.

Good luck if you want to try them out.

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Anonymous said...

You're learning Hungarian the hard way!
Some of those tongue twisters are challenging even for a native Hungarian speaker…
You're a very brave girl! :)