Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School Trip

Cseni asked last week if I wanted to go on the school trip with the older students. Why not?
I had no idea it would be such a long day, but I guess that is what happens when you have to travel half-way across the country. I got up at 4am, getting very little sleep. The bus left the school at 5 to start the long journey. I am surprised the kids had so much energy for that time in the morning, I tried to sleep but, that is hard when there are screaming kids all around. We finally made it to Ópusztaszer.

The panorama room was quite amazing, it was hard to picture it before seeing it, but I definitely recommend seeing it if you have the time.

We had some free time to walk around the grounds, a large open air museum. Wandering back to the bus about 30 minutes before it is going to leave, Istvan started talking to me. His first sentence was, "I remember you said you liked Unicum Next." That is when I clued into the fact that he already had been to the bar. We talked a little about different things, him making some odd jokes along the way. We got back to the main building and that is when he hit up the bar again, bringing me a beer too. I guess I am just not used to the idea of drinking on a school trip.

We eventually had to mount the bus to start the long journey home. Getting home at 10pm, I was exhausted.

It was a great place to visit, I am just not sure it was a day trip. 12 hours on a bus is a very long time.

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