Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don't know if this is a common thing, but I've noticed it a lot around here.

The kids have specified jobs, assigned by Kata, and one of them is in charge of checking fingernails. Mark came up to me one day, asked for my hand, looked at my hands and said, "nem jó." I was a little confused, but Kata came over and said it was ok.

I found out later that he was checking to see if the were short. They were not short, but stuck out a little past my fingers. I like growing them to a reasonable length, and painting them.

After this, I began looking around and noticed that no one wears nail polish. They all have very short nails. It is practical, but I like spending time painting them.

Back in November, Briggi and I bought some dark nail poilish for winter. I painted my nails and the next day there was great commotion about my black nails. Really they were purple, but the kids only noticed that they were dark.

This week I painted my toe nails. I was showing Andi the tan on my feet when she saw my nails. She just said, "you have black toenails." Once again, they were purple, but the colour was shocking. She said she had never painted her toenails, ever. And she had only ever used clear on her fingernails.

Painting my nails was always so much fun as a kid. I was just shocked that she had never had any colour on them in her entire life.

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Margie said...

How interesting! So many of our kids here where nail polish. And not just one color. They have elaborate designs on them. Some do it themselves. I haven't seen dark colors though....