Monday, May 25, 2009


Thanks to Briggi and her desires for more Hungarian bands, I was able to listen to some new music. I may not really understand it all, but I still like it.

I now have songs by Tankcsapda and Magna Cum Laude. I have also been listening to the National Anthem with the distant hope that one day I may be able to sing it. Anything can happen, right?

I also copied a CD from Csabi, that he uses for singing class. Some good classic music, but they are mostly short clips.

Any suggestions on other Hungarian music?


Emily said...

Belga. Great weird Hungarian hip-hop/rap. Kinda like Beastie Boys. They and Tankcsapda are my two favorites.

Lots of people tell me 30Y is really good; for me they're meh.

Hólar said...

Supernem (punkrock)

Yellow spots (gutting swing)

Ladánybene 27 (reggae)

Subscribe (overcross) yep, they are hungarians

Just my personal favorites