Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to go to the ball....

The following are easy to follow instructions on the proper way to prepare for a Hungarian ball.

Step 1. Buy a ticket - Very important that this is done well in advance or you will not have a seat and be included in the party.

Step 2. Find a dress - This is one of the most important preparations. Be sure to give yourself ample time to find one, but it can be done until a few hours before the ball. A key requirement to fitting in is finding a dress that would be called lingerie in North America.

Do be weary of over prepping your hair. Natural is always better.

Step 3. Buy your own wine - You know parties have wine that is way to expensive so it is key to cheap wine that can be consumed with dinner. Be sure to buy champagne to make samosas for the pre-ball preparations (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Step 4. Enter the party on time. If the invitation says 7 o clock, show up at 7.

Step 5. Be seated with the best companions ever. Be warned that everyone has brought their own alcohol. Lemon Vodka and flavoured rum are key to a good night. Champagne will also be served throughout the night. As with the rest of Hungary, when your glass is emptied, it will be refilled, with various sorts of alcohol, so drink up!

Step 6. Eat everything that is on your plate. Once again, remember that it is Hungary so you will be served ample amounts, but it is also a ball and so you need the energy for dancing and to soak up all the alcohol you are drinking.

Step 7. Be sure to buy raffle tickets. 10 is the minimum. Remember, you are supporting a school! Win at least 2 prizes from the raffle, 4 or 5 is best, but you need something to trade for the prize you really wanted. FYI 69 does some in handy sometimes...

Step 8. In between courses, hit the dance floor. The music is Hungarian, but it is still cool to dance in a giant circle with everyone making fools of themselves.

Step 9. Dance the night away, only after having a midnight snack of toltott kaposzta!

If you follow these directions you will be on your way to having the best time at a Hungarian ball.

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