Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's in a name?

Today in Hungarian class, we made yarn people. The kids are learning parts of the body (which helps me too) at the same time in two languages. It is quite interesting, though very hard to keep their attention. I just thought I would post a picture of my doll, still trying to think of a name.

The kids in both 1a and 1b like to tell me "Ott a baba!" (there a baby) while pointing to my stomach. I usually turn this back around on them by calling them my babies, but today I am not sure why I changed things up. Szabina started with the "Ott a baba!" with this I decided her name would change to Baba. Fanni was the next to make a weird comment. She started calling out Boszorkany (witch), so she became that. It does fit with her behaviour which makes it quite appropriate. Balint was next. He was determined to be a bohoc (clown) mainly because all the time he is singing and dancing around, just moving because he can't stay still. With input from the rest of the class, Nandi was determined to be szellem (ghost) which suits him but I did feel bad. It is like he is not there sometimes even though he is one of the smarter kids. Mark was very easy to determine. Krampusz (demon). No explanation necessary. Dezi and Zsofia were much harder. Dezi became angyal (angel) because she always behaves and would look like an angel if she dressed in white. Zsofia was said to bbe a kirany (princess) though she herself wanted to be a witch. Hmmm, that is odd.

So the class list is now as follows (at least in my own head)

It was a very interesting day!

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