Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Since nothing too exciting happened today I am going to write about what will be happening soon. Going to pilates has brought me an English student , actually two of them, who I will be attempting to teach English to on Kedd. This is going to be very interesting for me. I can't count the number of people that I told that when I grow up, I will not become a teacher. Now, here I am, teaching in Hungary!

Olga and Piroska (same as Little Red Riding Hood in Hungarian), that is what everyone calls her so I am assuming it is her name, will hopefully be able to speak basic English by the end of this year. I am also going to be working with Andi on Szerda reggelt. She wants to keeps developing her English at the same time she is trying to get her sister Dora to work more in school. Last semester she got a 2, NOT GOOD!

It really is exciting stuff. Plus she invited me to a pig killing! I am so excited that I will actually get to see one!

That is it for now.

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