Monday, January 26, 2009

Tell me why...

"...I don’t like Mondays
Tell me why
I don’t like Mondays
Tell me why
I don’t like Mondays
I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oot the whole day down"

Usually I am singing this. Mostly because I have to start at 8 am, most times after a long travel day on Sunday. Today was different. I was happy because I got home early enough to get things done. I had made it to the Tesco which was a very exciting experience. All in all I was ready for school on Monday morning

One of my proudest accomplishments at this moment is my creation of the map corner. I have been searching for a map of the world, but have yet to find one. The Tesco, however, had the next best things, a map of Hungary and Europe as well as push pins to mark the places I have been so far. After completing it I realize that there is far too much left to see!

I love when I am in the class with Kata, the ostaly fonok for my class. We almost always do some sort of craft. The kids have a book for technical skills so today we were making yarn pictures. Believe me when I say this: It is much harder to create things when when the yarn and glue refuse to work together!
Anyway, here is my creation. Any guesses as to what it is?

The only bad thing that happened today was that due to the change of schedule last week, our gym class was taken by an older class and so we have to go for a walk. I really like going for walks, but there is only so much to see in town. And there is not that much.

Happy Australia Day, Happy Chinese New year and Happy Monday!

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