Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yay!...more work!

...who would have ever though I would be happy to get more work?

This week we were supposed to receive new schedules. Not too sure why because it is an elementary school, but I thought things might get switched up a little which it great. On Monday I was told that in fact, my schedule would remains the same and the only difference would be that I would work with a few students from 7a once a week to prepare them for their basic English exam. Today I walked in and was given a new schedule. Not too much had changed, but I am working more which is good. I now have 17 lessons as opposed to the 14 I had last week. My days are also split between morning days and afternoon days.

Today was my first encounter with the new students I am working with from 7a. I had met them before but am happy that I am now working with them one on one. It will take a while for us to fully understand what we expect of each other, but I think we have a good beginning.

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