Monday, January 19, 2009

I heart BorosCola

This past weekend I went into Budapest to meet the newbie teachers. I left school before dessert lunch (boo-urns) so I could make it into Budapest by the time everyone was leaving for the goodbye dinner. Everyone seems really nice, and though I didn't get a chance to talk to them very much I did learn a little about most of them.

I stayed with Hanna Friday night in her very adorable apartment and I got up relatively early in order to meet up with Briggi and Jamie and continue our travels to Tata. The trains from Deli station are gorgeous compared to the my trains out here and so I became very jealous during the one hour ride.

We made it to Tata and took the bus to Carla's apartment, a pepto-bismal pink and pale yellow creation. After eating lunch we continued on to take a tour of the town, walk around the frozen lake and eventually have dinner at the pirate bar, Fregatt's.

We headed back to Carla's to consume some boros cola and play a very interesting version of president before heading out to the club.

Tata is a very interesting place at night. The club was packed with people of all sorts, making it quite an interesting experience. A few of us were grabbed on the rear, and I also got the privilege of being kissed on the shoulder by an incredibly drunk man who was being pushed around by all the groups who were dancing. All in all, I still love Boros cola, always will.

Sunday was travel day, as per usual, and because I was further from home than usual, I had to leave quite early. I finally got home just in time to basically get ready for bed and pass out. And that is how I spent my weekend. Only to be asked by the teachers repeatedly where I went, saying Tata each time and on the fifth time finally seeing comprehension cross their face.

I heart Boros Cola
I heart Hungary
I heart home in Mariapocs

The only picture I have of the weekends adventure. Leaving Briggi at Stadianok while I started my long journey home on the bus!

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