Tuesday, April 28, 2009


For the past three weeks there have been bugs everywhere. They are huge, horrible looking things. The kids have gone crazy collecting them, putting them all over their clothes and playing with them. Translated, there are the "changing bugs." I was fine with there existence, an occurrence that only happens once every 4 years, according to Ili, until I was riding my bike on Saturday night.

The stupid little thing decided it wanted to fly right at me. It was dark, I was not wearing glasses and therefore I was hit in the eye. It was not a pleasant time. I want to step on everyone I see, but I refrain, because they are not all at fault. I still hate them!

A bucket full of them:

They are each about the size of a Cadbury creme egg. (You can tell what is on my mind)


jamieldowning said...

Ha! My 9d girls brought me one as a "gift" to their class last Friday. They even brought in a leaf to (force)feed the poor thing.

Jo Peattie said...

They are cockchafers. In the UK they are called "May Bugs". They are pretty horrible. My son loves poking and prodding at them.