Saturday, April 4, 2009

I had a shovel...

This is what happened when I tried to return the shovel I borrowed to Kata.

I tried to go over earlier in the day, before I went to Nyirgyulaj to visit Andi. I tried to open the gate, but it wouldn't open so I went home. I played with the dogs some more, of course.

After getting back from Nyirgyulaj, on bike, I quickly changed and brought the shovel and rake back out. I walked to the end of the path where Kata, a different one, and one of the cleaning ladies at our school, was walking. She told me to put down the rake and shovel and follow her. She literally lives right across from me, right beside the Cukraszda. She is telling me about her son, a 24 year old who just sleeps at the house and leaves when the sun begins to shine through the window. She then moved on to talking about her daughter. She is 27, got married last year and now lives in Budapest. I saw the wedding album and there were some really cool photos in it. I was there about a half an hour, already detoured from my original goal, and told her I really had to return the shovel and rake. She made a point of showing me that looking through her window, you look directly at my house and she told me she watched me dig my garden. A little creepy, but sure, why not.

I went back and grabbed the two and then began the trek across the road. Kata also lives right across the road, but the different road, she lives beside the school. I tried the gate again. It didn't want to open again and Wanda, their dog was going crazy with me at the gate. I tried to go through the school yard, as her backyard looks onto the yard, but no luck. I tried the gate again, and lo and behold! It opened. I felt a little dumb for it not working until now, but oh well. I knock on the door and Laci answers, her husband. Kata comes running over and tells me to come in because she had just made some suti! I am not allowed to leave without taking some fresh apple cake. She begins to pack up some toltott kaposzta too, without me noticing until she asks if I have any sour cream at home. I do. Any bread. I do. I am sent off again. I am almost out when Laci beckons me to come back. He is going down into a cellar type thing, hard to describe, but think bomb-shelter-esque. He comes back with three apples. I say sure 3 is good. No. I escape with 6 apples.

All this, because I wanted to return a shovel and rake.

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MH said...

You have a great blog! :)
Thank you very much for the good stories (wish I had a cute and beautiful English teacher like you). I’m subscribed to your blog via RSS feeds.
Good luck to you! :)