Sunday, April 5, 2009


For a relaxing time, head to a thermal bath. They are quite the hot spot at any time, but just be sure you know what they are good for. The different mix of chemicals are all good for different ailments.

Jamie and I decided to hit up Hajduszoboszlo for a quiet weekend before Easter break. We got there early in the morning, well 11, because of the travel time and grabbed the bus into town. Sitting in the baths for extended periods of time without consuming food can be dangerous, so we had some lunch beforehand. It was finom!

Getting to the bath complex, we paid, changed and followed the halls to the pools. There were 9 pools that were open and at least three that I saw that were drained. We tried almost every single pool and just relaxed. It was quite the feeling just to sit there and not have to really do much.

After spending about 3 hours there we decided it was soon time to head home, but with a stop for ice cream first. I had Kinder, Venetian dream and Cherry. They were good, the Venetian dream had little orange chunks in it which was a little odd, but still delicious. We soon had to part ways again, remembering that we will see each other in 3 days when we meet in Budapest to head off to Bratislava.

I got home, saw that my Cukraszda was still open and headed over for some more ice cream. There was NONE left. I left with chocolate cake and chocolate turo cake instead. They were yummy.

I am procrastinating right now. I know I have to pack but I don't want to. I made bunny ears intstead, for the kids, Ili, Andi and myself.

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