Monday, April 27, 2009

Public Speaking, part II

Today was the finals for the story telling competition.

The kids did very well. Dezi and Zsofia placed first for first grade, Laci placed first for third grade. Kata was third for fourth grade. Albi placed first for second grade.

I was there just to watch, but ended up entertaining the kids, who wanted to walk up and down the halls. The older ones just wanted to play with my camera so I have a lot of random pictures.

I really enjoyed listening to them for the two hours, I just wish I understood more of what they were saying. I have decided to start reading Hungarian kids stories. I just hope I will be able to understand what is written.

Zsofia and her new glasses, which I think are really nice

Some kids from Mariapocs wanted to do a "family" picture. They said I was the mother. Wow. Anyway, from left to right: Roland, Karolina, Albi, Me, Reni, Szandi and Kata.

I messed around with the picture a bit, which is obvious.
Me, Dezi, Albi's stomach and most of Zsofia

All the kids that competed. They came from all the villages around here.

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