Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love potatoes. They are my favourite food. I look forward to mashed potato day at school and I could live off the potato, in any form other than scalloped.

I realized that I talk about potatoes a lot when Ili asked me if there are potatoes in Canada. She thought that I was so happy to eat potatoes here because there were none at home. I explained that as a kid we had them almost every meal, and I still love them.

This is me eating Jamie's potatoes in Kosice.

I look like I am giving her the evil eye, it was unintentional. I think I feared she would want them back.

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MH said...

Well, I know now how the neighbor's poppy got his name! :)
My favorite potato dish is rakott krumpli.
How about krumpli torta, next month? (Potato cake for the lovely Birthday Girl)!
Too bad you had to work last year on your birthday! But now you should make a long weekend. Birthday weekend!!! :))