Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soccer balls, climbing walls and aging malls

Friday afternoons, as I have mentioned are crazy. This one was no exception.

Sitting outside enjoying the not as nice weather, I got hit in the face by a soccer ball. The boys didn't mean it, it just happened. I couldn't be mad, so I just brushed it off. I was just happy I was looking to the side or I would have broken my nose.

Saturday I was wrangled into taking a group into Nyiregyhaza for an expo sort of thing. It was the aerobics team. We arrived at a large gym complex and everyone got ready. They went on, did an amazing job and then had the day free to explore. Andi was teaching a lesson later on, but we were able to head outside and look at the displays.

There was a climbing wall outside. I sized it up for a good 30 minutes, but too soon, it was time to go in for Andi's lesson. After my attempts at following the whole routine, I soon gave up for a rest.

Heading back to the wall, I eventually did go up, making it all the way to the top!

Things were still in full swing, but the girls were getting a little restless. We took the group over to the Korzo, which was having a birthday party. There was a little carnival set up and fashion shows going on. I tried to follow as much as I could, but most of it was a Q and A about the different stores.

On the way back, the girls saw some "celebrities." Singers from a Hungarian Idol-ish show were there and they all went to get pictures and autographs.

We eventually made it back, sat through a 50 minute awards ceremony and then headed home.

It was a good few days, not what I planned, but still a good time. For the most part at least. Getting hit in the face is never fun.

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