Thursday, February 5, 2009

Farsang, Families, Fabric and Fairies

Two weeks from now we will be having a Farsang dance at school for the kids. It will be AWESOME! It is when everyone dresses up in order to scare away winter. I have already told the kids that I will be a Fairy.

I went into Nyiregyhaza today to meet up with Marci, who was very quiet btw, and buy some craft things and just shop. I learned a little about my new neighbours. It is a priest and his family, with three young boys. No wonder they are so loud. I am not looking forward to the days I meet them in person.

We made it to the craft store and I went a little crazy. Somehow, this stuff will be made into a fairy costume that I will wear for Farsang.

Next stop was coffee, because Marci could think of nothing else to do, although I do admit it was really good coffee. It was called Halloween Kave. I will have to go back and try others there at Cafe Noir (Ha! Black cafe). The wall paper was really nice too. I would love to put it on my walls but that would take forever.

Because we still had plenty of time left I decided to go shopping. I bought my shoes for the ball, even though I was told they were too high and I would not have a dancing partner. It is not my fault I am tall! I just want to see how I manage to do the hokey pokey in them.

Because someone would still not decide what they wanted to do, I went to the fabric store to buy some fabric. Not exactly sure yet what I will create, but when it is done, it will be amazing!

That was shopping in Nyiregyhaza for the afternoon. Props for getting a 4 on the history exam! Hope I was entertaining enough.


Ili said...

You were! :-)

christie said...

hi, i'm a CETP teacher and i live in nyiregyhaza. why don't we know each other?


Tara said...

Sure! I'll let you know when I come into Nyiregyhaza. I do go in sometimes on the weekend.