Monday, February 2, 2009

I am becoming one of those evil teachers...

Today I felt like I was one of the teachers the kids hate. It was cold here, but not cold enough for the ice to fully form. We now have to go outside for our Monday PE lesson since the schdule change, so the kids go directly for the ice. Fanni fell as soon as she hit the ice and create a puddle of water. After this, because I do not want to have to go through drying the kids again, I went around to all the puddles/ice to break them so that the kids couldn't slide on them. I felt like I was trying to help them so they wouldn't fall, but I could also imagine the thoughts that were running through their heads about how horrible I was for breaking the ice.

I felt even worse later on. I am not sure how I didn't notice on Friday, but when I saw Mark today he had a huge bruise on the side of his head that was the ugly green-yellow colour. I asked what happened and he tried to tell me the story, he fell into a desk. Ili clarified this for me. During Kata's class on Thursday, Mark on his return to his desk decided to go through all the desk to give high fives to Balint. He got caught on some of the bags between Fanni's and Szabina's desk. He then fell and hit the side of his head on the desk. I felt horrible but at the same time I felt vindicated for all the times I had to tell Mark to go straight to his desk. I just hope that it knocked some sense into his head, literally.

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jamieldowning said...

Ha. I have this image of you scurrying around and stomping on the ice (maybe wearing the NYE horns) as the kids look on in disbelief.