Monday, February 23, 2009


Olga invited me to lunch with her family on Sunday. I thought it would be fun, and she wanted to introduce me to her children, who speak some English. I arrived at 1 and the feasting began. I knew that I was going to be fed a lot, I am wherever I go, but I did not think I was going to be fed more than the men. Soup, Chicken, potatoes, rice, salad, more chicken. All full courses. I was given two servings of each. Not to mention the alcohol. Palinka, wine, Sherry.

It seemed there was no end in sight for the food. Olga spent the entire meal running back and forth bringing out more food. I spent most of the time talking with Amanda, a German teacher at the high school in Nyirbator, and Atilla's fiancee. Atilla, knowing more French was encouraged to talk to me in French. I was also attempting to follow the conversation in Hungarian. It is way too hard to think in three languages at once, especially since I have not been using my French very often.

Dessert came. Tiramisu, cookies and cakes made by the older women of Mariapocs for the Farsang festival.

I learned a lot about Olga's family and was highly encouraged to call them if I needed any help. I also learned that the English she would like to learn is that which would help her when she is traveling with her husband, Istvan. I have until August to make her understand quite a bit because they are going to Greece.

Leaving the house just before 7, I was not ready to have dinner, but was sent home with more than enough food. When asked if I cook here, Olga told me I needed to take some eggs.

This seemed to be a weekend in which my fridge became even fuller, with food I will be eating for weeks!

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