Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am actually teaching...using the written word!

So tonight was my first lesson with Olga. Piroska was off at her daughter's school. I think there was a ceremony or something, but I got the idea through my understanding of the Hungarian. I love Olga. She is a wonderful student. She does not know any English and wants to start learning it for no particular reason. She was a quick learner which works well for me. I just need to have lots prepared for every week so we don't run out of things to do!

My afternoon class with the older students was a little hectic. There were 22 kids and many of them had a wide comprehension of English. We did some descriptions of pictures and then a competition where they had to guess what was being drawn. It was a loud class, but I think it went well. I do wish that I could divide it further into older and younger.

Also today I confirmed that I am going to stay another year!

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