Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to go to the Ball...part deux

Gather a bunch of friends together and you are bound to have an awesome time. Join that with a Hungarian ball, and this becomes extraordinary!

Start the day off early, you always need lots of time to prepare, even though this may not always be for the same event. Combining this activity with any kind of alcohol makes the time pass faster.

Participation is key! Doing a march followed by the Hokey Pokey just adds to the amusement for everyone. To spice this up, perform it with a group of 7 year olds!

Arriving back at the table, it is a crazy feeling to see the copious amounts of alcohol sitting there, and then finding out that the Director sent them over for you to enjoy!

Following the great amounts of food, get up and sing! It is important to keep the audience entertained! This can be followed by dancing, with many different people trying to teach the traditional dance.

A picture that can summarize the night...

stay tuned for more photos!

on the train to Nyiregyhaza
Just to show your teacher solidarity, next day clean up is necessary!

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