Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Afternoon's

I really hate working Friday afternoon. Who likes it? Having to be in school until 4 really limits weekend possibilities, but the main problem I have is that my kids take a Friday crazy pill. And it takes effect every Friday at lunch time.

Today, it was not just my kids. After coming back from lunch, we went outside for a break. It was a gorgeous day, 12 degrees. I was hanging out with the kids and then they noticed a pile of sticks on the other side of a fence. This, boys and girls, was not an ordinary fence. The thing looked like it is about to fall down and is topped off with barbed wire that was probably installed in the 1950's. Alex, the previously mentioned Aaaaalex, decided that because he is in third grade, he should be the one to climb over and retrieve the sticks. So, I spent the next 40 minutes chasing him down and making sure he did not climb the fence. While at the same time trying to make sure the other kids did not impale themselves on their own sticks. Fanni later told Ili that I was being very mean because I was not allowing her to use the stick as a gun. Let's just say I got plenty of exercise that I did not really want.

Thanks Aaaaalex, I really appreciate it!
I will remember this!

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