Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I just wish the snow would leave

I am really sick of winter. I thought it really had left when it hit 15 degrees almost three weeks ago, but no. By this point I think it is just here to remind me what I left behind at home. I can't complain too much, the temperature is fairly warm. It is the snow.

Today we went out after lunch to play in the snow, and I just did not care anymore. I went down on the ground and made a snow angel. My kids thought I was crazy at first, but then they started making them too, so I felt somewhat justified for my crazy actions.

Mine is the big one, Fanni`s is the little one beside it

I am getting to the point where I have no more ideas for the older students. I am supposed to be preparing them for an English exam in the distant future, but everytime I see them I can get them to barely speak a word. I love them to death, but they need to talk. I was so sad by the end, when Bia (one of the Biankas) came up and said "here is my homework." The very first lesson I had with her, the other Bianka and Anita, we were doing introductions. I said it would be good to write it down so that they could practice it for the exam. I never expected to get anything. I was just so happy!

Olga was excellent today! We were able to have a basic conversation between a shop clerk and a customer, and this is only her fourth lesson. She will definietly be ready to shop in August!

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