Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whatever happened to...

The real story of the three little pigs?

Over the past month our class has been doing the story of the three little pigs. I know that they like to make the stories happy for the children, but I think this one may have went too far.

It seems to start off a little harsh, the mother pig says to the little piggies to go out and build their own houses because they are too old to stay with her any more. Although, not in those words exactly.

The pigs then walk up to some random man and ask for straw, sticks and bricks. I know that they are supposed to be big and strong, but really, some random man is just going to give them some straw, sticks and bricks? But yes, of course, he does. How could he not if it is a kids story?

Now is where it gets interesting. The pigs are still co-dependent on each other, and refuse to live on their own so, instead of building three houses with each of their own material, they build one giant house, of straw, stick and bricks. This is where it all gets messed up. How on earth can we feed the poor starving wolf, if the pigs live in a strong house. The wolf is not the smartest animal and is forced to rely on his breath to do all the work. If the house is solid, there is no way the wolf will be fed. We all know that two of the little piggies are supposed to be consumed, in order to make the story have a real meaning, but this does not happen.

Our class has two wolves, and still the little pigs stay secure in their little house. The little wolves have to waste their breath for nothing, and leave when they become tired. How is that fair? They should at least get to eat one of the little piggies.

Maybe it is just me, but I liked the real story of the three little pigs, the long version. The third pig proves that he is smarter than the other two time and time again. I think that you do need some tragedy to have an effective moral but I guess now we are making everything a little too happy.

I can recite the whole play, but I will refrain. I will instead post a picture that I drew today with the kids attempting to depict the story.

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